Change the hiring game: ‘Use Your Voice’

By May 23, 2018 Contractors, Vivid News

Even when using technology!

I’ll never forget the time I received that “‘Haha sure” and “Whatever'” in response to my oh-so-carefully crafted and wonderful application received/unsuccessful emails mid 2017.

And looking back now? I’m not the least bit surprised.

I’d used all the cliches. “We were overwhelmed with applications” (aren’t we super popular?) “Read all about our brand and what we do” (over and over again). PS – you’re rejected.

I was writing from a place of fear, the common foe for small and new businesses. Must advertise the brand, must ensure I can handle an influx of communication by cutting off the possibility.

I then embraced it and offered individual feedback to 640 candidates in responses. How many asked? Six. So there was nothing to fear, mainly because application emails are known to be rubbish on a global scale, so the candidates likely glazed over right after “You had many relevant skills”….blah blah.

I took the opportunity to dive headfirst into the candidate mindset and unearth a way to communicate ethically, honestly and responsibly during the hiring process.


But only the biggest and latest technology makes a difference when hiring..

You’re a smaller business with a teeny advertising budget, no recruiter and a real chip on your shoulder about it. Isn’t it impossible to stand out in the job market against the big guys?


Put down your excuse pad. Your humble ‘candidate responses’ are not only a game changer for your market growth, they’re a smaller business advantage. If you’re agile, small and can develop a unique voice – how about owning it?

Candidates are not ‘resources’, they’re people. Sadly, they’ve come to expect little from all our communication. Wonderfully, this means you can shine.

Being human when hiring elevates the experience for everyone. 

Automated communication isn’t actually evil

We love it!

Use all the technology you can get your hands on to carry your voice, but make sure you use your voice (and probably your hands at one point).

Candidates just want honesty and communication.

Implementing these changes has brought so many positive results. We’re thanked for being honest and respectful, even when we’ve given the bad news.

And created new business and friends.

Wanting to pay the tips forward, I created Use Your Voice – a resource (appropriate use of ‘resource’) piece with free communication templates to raise the bar when hiring.

You can check them out here and I’d love to know if any of it resonates.