Managing your project risk through people

Many of our clients started their journey as our candidates years ago. And they became our clients because they know.

They know that whilst there’s about five layers of contractor options and businesses out there, Vivid have been successful because we know both projects and people. We look after them and in turn, mitigate your risk.

It’s not about being fancy. It’s about being clear and ensuring the right people are in the right projects.

Have you ever signed the dotted line on a deliverables focused project, dusted your hands and smiled ‘that’s done’? Were you surprised when it fell over based on human issues? Or somebody who flew the coop partway? Read on.

Carefully designed projects that focus on people save hundreds of thousands of dollars on change management. Letting us focus on your people will halve your risk.

Contractor Engagement Services, People & Teams

Contractor Enagement As A Service

Vivid’s contractor management methodology leans heavily on HR consultation on demand; independent information gathering to determine a contractor’s engagement levels; closing the important gap for WH&S/OH&S; navigating flight risks; all the personal bits and pieces and ‘fluffier’ things you may not have the capacity to manage alongside your projects.

Our pride is in being the opposite of the ‘set and forget’ model. The results for almost four years have been happy people, happy projects and long term engagements.

The Covid experience showed us just how much we had to offer on as an ‘independent middle layer’ and we’re excited to provide Contractor Engagement as a stand alone service, fixed price per contractor.

The best part about it? You can source your people from anywhere, through a panel or a random find. We’ll payroll if you need, but otherwise we can just stand over the top of it and do the people management portion.

People, Teams and Projects

You’ve scoped some or all of your project, now seek people and the right price. With your input, we’ll create a team of cultural and attitude aligned professionals to blend right in. And personally ensure their happiness all the way through.

Scenario. You have a 3+ month requirement for an individual or a team, as well as the wish to delegate and oversee the daily quality of their work. Vivid provide you with skilled, committed IT contractors then remain highly available and engaged for two-way feedback throughout the duration of the contract.

We’re accustomed to RFPs, RFQs and have a skilled talent bench of highly competent IT professionals ready to respond.

We’re not an IT company. We’re actually better than that. We’re an IT people business who will independently find the right contractor attitudes and accountabilities for your specific team and project.

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We're transparent and accountable
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