Attracting seasoned and new contractors with a love for outcomes

If you’re here, you’re somebody with a strong vision of the working environment and career you’d love to create. Working openly in partnership with us, we’ll have a great match.

Our conversation is centred around where you ‘want’ to take your contracting career and ‘why’, rather than just where you’ve been. From here, valuable conversations can begin and we’re best equipped to help you navigate an exciting new space.

Contact with you begins with a clean slate each time. We throw out the rulebook and aren’t bothered by nontraditional career paths, minimal local experience or a CV that’s less than perfect.

As a services company with a focus on Contractor Engagement as a Service, matching your personal and professional aspirations to projects and teams is part of this. Sometimes we’ll just pop over the top of an existing contract as an independent mediator for you.

Your turn to make a move


Contractor benefits

Supportive Management

Your contractor experience is designed in consultation with you, to support your individual needs.

On time payments

We’ve carefully selected professional systems and services to ensure these fundamentals are stress free and never surprising.

Seamless onboarding

We love being paperless and mobile, so offer end to end digital onboarding for you.

As a Vivid contractor, you’ll have the benefits of a highly personal and supportive experience and of course, the crucial foundations – on time payments every time, seamless digital onboarding and more. Have a read of the below testimonials to get a feel of how we operate.

Vivid have multiple contractors on client sites spanning development, project management, IT support, business analysis and more. Working primarily through exclusive client arrangements, we build teams to expand that onsite support network to enhance your contractor experience. As well, stay on top of all environmental changes to assist in the management of your contract by face to face regular catch ups, coffees or basically whatever mechanism works for each person to keep in close touch and feel satisfied in your role.

Upon beginning your contract, we’ll design an experience and method that works for both of us. You'll know exactly what to expect and it will suit your personal needs. We get a little obsessed with seeking valuable, developmental and happy feedback from all parties, so we need boundaries to keep us in check.


Open book policy with Contractors

We’re proud of our Open Book Policy between ourselves and our contractors. This means our margin is open and detailed in a transparent breakdown within your contract.

Apart from establishing mutual trust between us, we reach workable budgets quickly. With money in the background, we can focus on more valuable items. Like projects!

Some kind words

AnuragData Analytics Developer

“I am pleased to write this testimonial for Vivid who helped me find my position in the Analytics industry, my first permanent role in Australia. They were extremely professional and understood the specifics of the job I required. Kim herself worked closely with me to make sure that the position was the right choice and was meticulous in explaining the role. I felt she was genuinely interested in my career aspirations and I liked her sincerity and warmth.”

Chester.Net Developer

““Very supportive and always available” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Vivid and my contractor experience. I have been very impressed by Vivid ensuring that everything goes well with me at work. With this, I highly recommend Kim and Vivid (Clearly Different).”

SinaWeb Developer

“Vivid is the best recruitment company I've come across. They were very informative and was of great help. They are making the job hunting process a lot easier for people like me and worked closely with me to secure my very first permanent role in Australia. I never felt rushed and it was a really pleasant experience with Vivid. They are simply experts in finding the right fit.”

UrviSenior Web Developer

“I found Kim always kind and gentle, she is very supportive and punctual in her work. Very cooperative, humble and friendly in nature and also good communicator with great attitude. Hearing extra feedback in my role also adds more confidence and energy to accept new challenges.I highly recommend Kim and Vivid for providing best recruitment service.”

ShwetaSenior Project Manager

“"Kim is an outstanding recruiter. I was headhunted for a role and she made the whole process so smooth, Transparent and accessible! The digital onboarding experience was the best I’ve experienced as a contractor. Professional, thorough and consistently going the extra mile are but just a few reasons that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vivid to People when recruiting new staff or indeed for anyone looking for a new career change.”

SasBI Consultant

“Vivid’s dedicated and professional approach has made my experience with them both pleasant and rewarding, I thank them for their efforts in recommending me and managing my contract -Vivid are an excellent agency to work with. Timesheet submission reminders, approval follow-up, contract extensions pursued, personal onsite meetings, market updates and career advice were just some of the additional services. I would love to join Vivid for more future opportunities.”

HarrySenior Software Developer

“People in VividCD are very kind and always ready for help. They respond very quickly for my random requests and always personally remind me of my timesheet. I am glad to have them to find and manage my contract. The Open Book policy lets me earn a good salary and allows me to be more focused on the work which I am interested in. I am happy in my new position as it is a very good team fit and skills match for me.”

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